We grew up in Arizona in the 90's. We played music and wore a lot of vintage western shirts. Those shirts seemed to be designed for us. Light weight, soft, unique, and easy to wear all year. 

Many years later, we started to notice no one was making them today with the same look, feel, and vibe as our favorite shirts from the 70's. And none of the “American” western brands were actually making their shirts in the U.S. anymore. 

So in 2017 we decided to breath new life into an American classic, and set out to design and manufacture timeless western shirts and workwear, in the U.S.A., with a nod towards our roots in the Southwest. We didn’t have any experience making clothes, so it was a bit of a rocky start.

We made tons of samples, met with different factories, and made a lot of bad shirts that didn't fit. But we kept at it, and by the summer of 2019 worked out the kinks, made some shirts we loved to wear, and found a great factory to work with.

We sold our first shirt online later that summer. We got into our first store, Rooster Bus, in the fall of 2020. And earned our first piece of media in May of 2021.

To date, we’ve sold thousands of shirts all over the world and continue to grow every year.

Our mission is to build a perennial American brand in the Southwest, that makes the highest quality, U.S.A. made, western shirts and workwear in the country.

If you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hey, reach out anytime here